Gaultheria fragrantissima ?

Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall., Asiat. Res. 13: 397 1820. ?
ID23102012PHK2: Is it Gaultheria fragrantissima's fruitings?
No any other details available with me
At Dwali (en-route Pindari Glacier)Uttarakhand
As per the literature available G.fragrantissima is not known to occur in Uttarakhand.
I am surprising to see the fruit bunch collected from Uttakhand area appearing like Gaultheria frarantissima! I need at least one leaf to confirm the identity. Because, G. fragrantissima Wall. is restricted to Eastern Himalaya, NE Indian states (Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland) & hill tops of SW Ghats mostly at 1600 m (Nilgiris, Kotagiri, Utacamund hill etc. in Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka part at Chikmagalur). But NO REPORT FROM WESTERN HIMALAYA IS DOCUMENTED YET! If the fruit bunch from Uttarakhand is identified as G. frarantissima, then it will be an interesting finding & Report!
Therefore, I need one twig or atleast one leaf to confirm the identity!