Bergia ammannioides


Erect, ascending or decumbent herbs, often deep-rooted; branches usually opposite; stems terete, slightly swollen at nodes, frequently woody at base, glandular-pubescent, often purple-shaded. Leaves desussate, subsessile, elliptic, oblong or obovate-oblong, cuneate at base, shortly dentate-serrate at margin, acute at apex, 5-25 x 2-6 mm; midnerve very prominent and glandular beneath, sunken but prominent above; lateral nerves 3 or 4 pairs, alternate; stipules ovate-lanceolate or narrowly 3-angled, acuminate at apex, ca 1.5x 0.6 mm, glandular hairy at margin. Flowers ca 1 mm across, in axillary fascicles; pedicels ca 1.5 mm long, pilose. Sepals 3, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate at apex, ca 1-1.3 x ca 0.5 mm, hyaline and ciliate at margin. Petals 3, elliptic, obtuse at apex and often apiculate, as long as sepals, membranous, white or pinkish. Stamens 3, ca 1 mm long. Carpels 5, connate; ovary globose; styles 5, recurved. Capsules globose, ca 1.5 mm, with 5 longitudinal furrows, dehiscing into 5 valves at maturity; seeds numerous, minute, oblong or subcylindric, reticulate, shining, brown.
Flowering and fruiting: August-March
Fallow lands, paddy fields and grasslands
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here is another small herb unknown to me. Please help in identification.
Found today (25.12.13) in fallow field, Thane district, nr Tungareshwar WLS.
About 6 inches tall, hairy, leaves opposite decussate with serrate margins. Flowers in very tight clusters around leaf axils all along the stems. Buds reddish. Flowers open in afternoon, rosy pink, 5 petals. No milky latex. Stems terete.

Pls check for Bergia sp.
Bergia ammannioides looks to be a distinct possibility. I have read the descriptions in Fl of China and Fl of Pakistan. Thanks, ...! If anyone knows the plant please comment.
It is Bergia ammanoides (Elatinaceae) only. Usually it will be available where Vahlia viscosa is available. Another species Bergia capensis is growing in paddy fields whis is succulent with bigger leaves.
Thank you very much ...
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Bannerghatta, Bangalore

It may be Bergia ammannioides.