Dioscorea species



Dioscorea tomentosa or Dioscorea oppositifolia;

amit uid 1 1392011:  Attaching photo of a climber collected from Chopta, Uttarakhand in Quercus
forest at an altitude of about 2900 mts.
Please help in identification.

Dioscorea is also possibily, although I thought leaves are more rigid like Smilax. At the same time stipule tendrils of Smilax are not visible in the photograph. Perhaps another photograph with node in focus will help.
I had doubt of it being Discorea deltoidea I am attaching another picture may it help in further identification
Yes Dioscorea. The leaves look thicker than D. deltoidea, but then this could be an older branch.
Sorry no picture of tubers
D. deltoidea i think

after changing the soil in the palm pot this leaf has sprouted after some days. I waited for some days but
it is not growing further . no new leaves no flowers is it wild?
Date/Time- Aug 2011
Location-Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- i do not know
Plant Habit-Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- just a leaf
Height/Length- 4-5 cms
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- just a single smart looking leaf
looks like Dioscoria bulbifera
That was in september, has it grown any in the meantime: what is it doing... update possible?
I had seen it about a month ago. It was the same only the color of the leaf had become green. When I went to check today it is not there anymore. Probably as it was not growing further the gardener removed it.

Please identify this climber - NS 01082012: Please identify this climber seen on my property at Shahapur on Sunday. The other climbers coincidentally also seen are Anantmul [Hemidesmus indicus], Pashti [Dioscorea hispida] & Kadu-karanda [Dioscorea bulbifera].
Any Dioscorea sp.?
Agreed. Most likely a species of Dioscorea but which one ? Meanwhile am keeping a watch on it and will keep you updated.

Dioscorea sp. from Hooghly 8/10/12 sk3:
Attaching images of what seems to be a Dioscorea sp.
Species : Dioscorea alata L. ?
Habit & Habitat : wild twiner climbing on another tree, i could only reach a hanging twig
Date : 8/10/12, 10.30 a.m.
Place : Hooghly
But it may not be Dioscorea at all.
ok then, someone will tell us but i still think pics are nice