Dillenia tetrapetala (Vietnam)

Dillenia tetrapetala Joongku Lee, T.B.Tran & R.K. Choudhary, 2012; 

Images by Ritesh Kumar Choudhary 


Dillenia from Vietnam_RKC_01_25042011: Recently I was on a floristic trip to Vietnam. On request of some members of eFlora, I am uploading a few fotos.
Dillenia sp.
Habit: Trees upto 10 m high.
Loc.: HonBa Natural Reserve, Vietnam (ca 200m)
Date: 15th Apr. 2011

Not D. suffruticosa

attaching D. suffruticosa foto

How about Dillenia alata?
Any comment on the number of petals in Dillenia. I cant see any photo of Dillenia on net with 4 petals.
However, the floras report the range from 4-7.

Yes ..., I was all the time wondering about the venation in your photographs. In most species of Dillenia including D. suffruticosa the lateral veins are very prominent, but not in your photographs. D. alata does
have faint veins seen in your plant. Let us wait for more comments.

It can be Dillenia alata
A new species of Dillenia viz. D. tetrapetala Joongku Lee, T.B.Tran & R.K. Choudhary from Vietnam as per thread

New species of Dillenia from Vietnam_RKC_30112012: I am happy to inform you that we have described a new species of Dillenia viz. D. tetrapetala Joongku Lee, T.B.Tran & R.K. Choudhary from Vietnam. The paper can be accessed freely online at the following link:
Interestingly, I had posted the images of the same on eFlora long back but it remained unidentified.
After the morphological and molecular analyses, it turned out to be a new species. Hope you'll like the paper.
Looking forward to hearing your kind opinion on the same.