Fimbristylis miliacea ?
Fimbristylis littoralis Gand. ? from Hooghly 7/8/12 SK:  
Could this be Fimbristylis littoralis Gand. ?
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : growing in pond edge, about 1 foot tall, culm flat & four angled
Date : 22/7/12, 10.06 A.M.
Place : Nalikul (Hooghly)
Links used in attempt to ID :

attaching 3 more pictures recorded on 19/8/12 at the same place. Attachments (3).
It looks like Fimbristylis littoralis Gaudich. Butspecimen of the plant has to be checked to confirm the identity. 
I have doubt about the identity of this plant. There is a closely related species Fimbristylis umbellaris (Lam.) Vahl
So  it is better to confirm the identity at the Central National Herbarium, Howrah by matching the specimens.
Thanks to ... again, As far as I can remember, and also can be guessed by the attached picture, the culm is four angled and since it was found beside fresh-water (pond) this is possibly either Fimbristylis quinquangularis (Vahl) Kunth or F miliacea (L.) Vahl or both!
But, I do not rule out F. littoralis as well.
here is the picture. Attachments (1).