Cyperus species- Yeoor hills, Maharastra
¿ Cyperaceae ?
¿ Cyperus ? sp.
Place, Altitude: Yeoor Hills ... about 350 ft asl
Date, Time: 16 AUG 09 ... 08:34am
Habitat: near to rocky banks of seasonal stream
Habit: rooted in water bed, erect herb; standing about 1 - 1.5 m high
nice pic, it looks like cyperus esculentus
I am very confused for this one. Because, the 2nd photo looks very similar to one that i have in my hand, in a field guide (rather a booklet without much detail) in Bengali, which is labelled as MADUR-KATHI = Cyperus malaccensis Lam.
But i may very well be wrong with what i see in my book and the most important is i do not know if it can be found in Maharashtra.
Many thanks ... for resurfacing this ID query; and thanks ...for your thoughts. Agreeing about the doubt of C. malaccensis being found distributed in Maharashtra (in this case - northern region of Konkan / Western Ghats). Perhaps ... had passed this query for want of required aspects.
Most of the Cyperaceae members cannot be identified from the photographs. One need to study the specimens under microscope.