Cyperus rotundus ?

Cyperus rotundus ?;
Grass for ID : Oman : 221012 : AK-2: A grass with reddish brown flowers seen growing wild at a farm in Muscat on 27/1/2012.
This is a very common grass.
This is not a grass, but a sedge - Cyperaceae, probably Cyperus rotundus
how can alay person tell the difference...
secondly... may be a tall order, but...
do you have a easy to understand key for te common grasses... masy be by the regions in india?
I too am unable to know the difference between grass & sedge. For me, they all seem similar.
If this grass is a cyperus... its called Mustaka in ayurvedic medicine
and yet some silly professors are using the "roundup " weed killer herbicide to kill it off...
I wonder what the motivation is for these professors...??

The link you have pasted shows Cyperus rotundus L., MUSTAKA in Sanskrit and MUTHA in Bengali, very common, about 2 feet or more, roots smell like DHUNA.
Cyperus rotundus L. collected from Kamrup district, Assam : Attachments (5). 4 posts by 3 authors. 
Attaching images of what looks like Cyperus rotundus L. (?). Please ID the plant.
Date :15.06. 2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Cyperaceae
Genus & species : Cyperus rotundus L. (?)
Habitat: Grows wild
Habit : Herb 
efi page on Cyperus rotundus
I do not have clear conception over C. rotundus. According to "Bengal Plants" it is a slender glabrous sedge, stolons thickening into black, woody, ovoid tubes.
identification no020713sn1 Attachments (3).  4 posts by 3 authors.
Kindly help in identification. Is it Cyperus rotundus?
date/time:oct 12
location:ambyvalley rd., lonavala, pune
plant habit:sedge
height:4 ft. about
I do not have clear idea on C. rotundus. The key in "Bengal Palnts" informs : "Rhizome stoloniferous; stem at base nodosely thickened, and suddenly contracted into a wiry rhizome."
Attaching images of a Cyperus sp. that i found growing along the wall of a building, amongst garbage of building materials. The place is moist. Could this be Cyperus rotundus L.?
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : about 2 feet high, outside a temporary construction, moist place
Date : 7/7/12, 1.45 p.m.
Place : Hooghly
Its Pycreus species of Cyperaceae 
Attaching more images of this species. It is -
  • about 41 cm high, stem smooth, trigonous
  • leaf 36cm X 5mm

Taking cue from ... i searched "Pycreus species in West Bengal".
A document, available at -, informs me that two Pycreus species in West Bengal are P.pumilas and P.sanguinolentus.
This sage is not Pycreus pumilas, because -
This description of Pycreus sanguinolentus -
However, at least two more Pycreus species available in West Bengal -
  1. P. stramineus -
  2. P. polystachyos -
Attaching one more pic that might be same species as my previous uploads in this thread. Could it be P. sanguinolentus?
Seems to be a variant of Cyperus rotundus, may be subsp. tuberosus or Cyperus bifax?
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