Carex species


ID please:
Please identify the plant
Collected from Kotagiri, Ooty
Date of Collection. 20.06.2011
I found this plant growing in Darjeeling. It is almost like a weed on the borders of tea gardens. Few of the estate managers told me that they use this plant along with other herbs to make a concoction and
spray on tea bushes to control some pests.
The plant is almost a meter height
Dark pink stem
No flowers in this season
The vegetative stage indicate it as Eupatorium sp.?
It may be a Scleria species of Cyperaceae.
Any picture at flowering stage?
I think it represents Carex sp.
Yes it is a species of genus Carex (Cyperaceae).
But am not able to identify due to the lack of literature.
Vof Week: 13092012- BS 7 Carex sp for id:
Carex sp for id pls
from valley
is this natural or planted... reason I am asking is there seems to be cobble stones beyond the c shaped semicircular retaining slab... manmade?
unknown grass sp. - 3 from Kamrup district, Assam:
Attached images are unknown grass sp. Please ID for it.

Date :21.12.2012

Location: Kamrup district, Assam

Family : Poaceae (?)

Genus & species : Unknown

Habitat: Grows wild on hilly slopes

Habit : Herb

This is Carex sp. of Cyperaceae
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I am looking for carex species for planting in a garden in Mumbai. However it is difficult to find the plants. Can anyone please help me in sourcing these plants?