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Comparative images of all genera except Cyperus are given below:

After discussions it has been decided to include Cyperaceae and Juncaceae also in Poaceae Week, since these three families are closely related and often confused especially by those not well versed with botany. The important links giving differences between these families are given in links in the original post.
I am repeating them again:
This page should prove helpful
This should be helpful in differentiating the three groups
As already mentioned the duration of the week may be extended depending on the number of uploads received from members. ... will take a final decision on that.
Details of genera (clicking on a link of genera will give species as available under them) as available in efi site: 
Cyperaceae genera (15):

Cyperaceae :  A pdf containing illustrations of various cyperaceae members can be downloaded freely at link

Other version of the same document can also be downloaded from - link
1) if they have triangular stem/culm they are cyperaceae, 2) if they have (flat or) round hollow stem they are usually poaceae; except that some may be juncaceae. The following links have more details -


Species, genera & family pages of‎‎‎ Cyperaceae are now with images. I request you to pl. go through & point out mistakes, if any. I hope this will aid in identifications in future.

This has been possible mainly due to help in ids by ...