Cycas zeylanica

Cycas zeylanica (J.Schust.) A.Lindstr. & K.D.Hill, Novon 12: 238 2002. (Syn: Cycas rumphii subsp. zeylanica J.Schust.);
Images by Aarti S.Khale

Cycas zeylanica: Photo: 2011-01-08
Elephant Beach, Havelock, Andaman Islands
Cycas zeylanica (J. Schust.) A. Lindstr. & K.D. Hill, Novon 12(2): 238-239 (2002). L - G
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Gymnosperm Fortnight : For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 091213 : AK-4 : Attachments (3).  10 posts by 6 authors.
Tree seen at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore on 24/11/13.
Kindly id.
Looks like Cycas rumphii
I think NO.
If not Cycas rumphii, what would be the correct id?
I am aware of the current nomenclature of Cycas rumphii. I saw it growing wild in the Andamans everywhere during my six years tenure there.  
I dont know how authentic this is, but hope it helps.