Cycas species- Andamans

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Cycas  paramajitii L. J.  Singh, D. R. Misra & R. C.  Srivast. sp. nov. 
Holotype: Andaman Islands, RCSrivast., Lalji Singh & Manindra Paul. sn, dated02July 2014(PBL)
Allied to Cycas zeylanica J. Schust. but can be distinguished by a combination of characters.
Megasporophylls with lateral, unequal horn like curved structures, and abruptly long acuminate apices. 
Etymology: named to honour Dr Paramjit Singh, Director, BSI

Thanks, ... Would you pl. send a copy of the paper or link to it ?
Cycas andamanica Prasad et al is synonym of Cycas pschannaee RC Srivast. & Lalji Singh