Cycas darshii

Cycas darshii RCSrivast. & B Jana sp. nova, Indian Journal of Plant Sciences 2014 Vol.3 (2) April -June;
Images by Surajit Koley


Cycas darshii RCSrivast. & B Jana sp nov : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2). -2Green daimonds IBG IJPS2014.pdf &Cycas darshii.docx
Many congrats ...
IBG today : Cycas sp. 02 : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9).  
It is possible that I am posting the same species in several threads. Because they were scattered at various locations.
Cycas pectinata ?
Thank you very much ... I do not know any Cycas. But it looks different to the illustrations at 
Can it be also C. zeylanica?
As per document 'Cycas in India', in Cycas pectinata, megasporophyll apex is as broad as long, lamina orbicular, lateral teeth more than 10 (26 to 75) mm long.
I am not sure if above features can be seen in the photographs in this thread.
If I am not too much mistaken I think the megasporophyll looks very similar to
I meant megasporophyll with bright green apical portion of Cycas darshii in the linked pdf file.


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