As per efi thread:
W.J.J.O. DE WILDE & B.E.E. DUYFJES in THAI FOR. BULL. (BOT.) 32: 15–31. 2004 write:
1. Zehneria maysorensis (Wight & Arn.) Arn. Type: S India, Wallich 6702 A–D, Wight 1116.— Zehneria maysorensis (Wight & Arn.) Arn. var. oblonga V. P. Prasad & M. Prasad, J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 17 (2): 471. 1993. Type: S India, Vivekananthan 45710 (MH, not seen).— Monoecious or dioecious. Ovary and fruit ellipsoid, longer than broad. Distribution: confined to southern peninsular India, at low altitudes.
2. Zehneria bodinieri (Lévl.) W. J. de Wilde & Duyfjes. Lecotype: China, Bodinier 1957 (E).— Monoecious. Ovary and fruit globose. Distribution: widespread, in Sri Lanka and southern peninsular India, and from N India to S China, Indochina and Malesia, at low and medium altitudes
3. Zehneria hookeriana (Wight & Arn.) Arn. Type: S India, Wight 1117.—Monoecious. Ovary and fruit globose. Distribution: endemic to southern India, in montane area.

As per efi thread:
Zehneria hookeriana (Wight& Arn.) Arn. differs from its allied species, Z. bodinieri, by having longer fruiting pedicel and peduncle; and fruit mostly several on common peduncle.
This is endemic to Tamil Nadu and occurs in the high altitudes.
De Wilde WJJO, Duyfjes BEE (2004). Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) in Thailand, with a note on the Indian Zehneria maysorensis. Thai Forest Bulletin, Botany 32: 15–31.
De Wilde WJJO, Duyfjes BEE (2006). Redefinition of Zehneria and four new related genera (Cucurbitaceae), with an enumeration of the Australasian and Pacific species. Blumea 51: 1–88. doi: 10.3767/000651906X622346
Renner SS, Pandey AK (2013). The Cucurbitaceae of India: Accepted names, synonyms, geographic distribution, and information on images and DNA sequences. PhytoKeys 20: 53–118.

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Phylogeny of Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) with special focus on Asia- M.D.Dwivedi, A.K.Pandey & H.Schaef.- Taxon 67(1), March 2018:
(Abstract- Zehneria is a genus of small creepers and climbers from the Old-World Tropics and Subtropics. In its broadest circumscription, it comprises up to 94 species and its centre of diversity is Southeast Asia. Zehneria has been split into several smaller genera but this remained controversial mainly due to morphological plasticity of the species groups and lack of comprehensive molecular data. Here, we use one nuclear DNA (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2) and three plastid DNA regions (trnL-trnF, rpl20-rps12, matK) sequenced for about half of the species in Zehneria and its segregate genera Anangia, Neoachmandra, and Pilogyne to test the monophyly of the genus and analyse the evolutionary history of the group. We find that Zehneria s.l. is monophyletic and splitting is not supported by molecular, morphological or biogeographical evidence. Within Zehneria, we recover two strongly supported clades, one consisting mainly of species placed in Pilogyne, the other including Anangia, Neoachmandra and the type of Zehneria. Both clades comprise African, Asian, and Australian/Pacific Island species, which is evidence for high dispersal capacity in this young bird-dispersed group. For India, we accept the five species Z. bodinieri, Z. hookeriana, Z. maysorensis, Z. odorata, and Z. thwaitesii. For Myanmar, we increase the number of known species from four to eight, including three still unnamed species. The diversity hotspots for the genus, however, remain Indonesia and Thailand with together 25 species.)

The Cucurbitaceae of India: Accepted names, synonyms, geographic distribution, and information on images and DNA sequences by Susanne S. Renner, Arun K. Pandey. (2013)-
Accepted names
Zehneria bodinieri (H. Lév.) W.J.de Wilde & Duyfjes
Zehneria hookeriana (Wight & Arn.) Arn.
Zehneria japonica (Thunb.) H.Y. Liu (Not available in India as per Phylogeny of Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) with special focus on Asia- M.D.Dwivedi, A.K.Pandey & H.Schaef.- Taxon 67(1), March 2018)
Zehneria maysorensis (Wight & Arn.) Arn.
Zehneria thwaitesii (Schweinf.) C. Jeffrey (Kerala, Sri Lanka, Africa and Madagascar)

Flora of Eastern Ghats: Hill Ranges of South East India, Volume 3 By Thamminen Pullaiah, K. Sri Ramamurthy (description & Keys- Zehneria  maysorensis & scabra- 2007) (Zehneria maysorensis (Wight & Arn.) Arn.- Syn: Bryonia mysorensis Wight & Arn.; Melothria perpusilla var. subtruncata Cogn.; Melothria perpusilla auct. non. (Bl.) Cogn) (Zehneria scabra (L.f.) Sond.-Syn: Bryonia scabra L.f., Zehneria hookeriana Arn, & Melothria perpusilla sensu Chakravarthy)