Sempervivum species/ hybrids

Sempervivum species/ hybrids;
A small potted plant seen at the BBC Show in MNP, Mumbai on 31/3/13.
Id please.
That looks like Sempervivum to me ...,
But it has to be something else I’m sure. Semps really don’t like heat, but I cannot think of any thing else it could be.
I would agree with ..., that looks like a sempervivum. Its a really nice looking plant. I have several differant kinds of semps that i grow in ground in a brightly shaded gets morning sun but from about 10am on its shaded. They dont like hot sun. Drought toletant to a point and offset very readily.,BBC%20Show,MNP,Mumbai-DSCN3334.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrEuyeqJ2Y35wA7uxcTY8sve8iUb8LbDeDFUm9fNMYIY9YZUR01pi87hXd2gmWoc0vFFOf5coOWl-Slll_001Um9hHpT3GVZpgINCx6rY3g0IvbDL5I
Sempervivum, according to earlier feedback on eflora.
Seen at the BBC Show, MNP, Mumbai.
Succulent For ID : BBC Show,Mumbai : 160513 : AK-2