Sempervivum calcareum (Cultivated)

Sempervivum calcareum Jord., Observ. Pl. Nouv. 7: 26 1849. (Syn: Sempervivum calcaratum Baker (Unresolved));

Kindly help with identification of this Cultivated Succulent.
this is hens and chicks with purple/chocolate tips
these have an enormous numbers of cultivars..
1000s according to wiki
little purple color on the tip to overwhelming spotting down the entire petal
... this is colorful version of hens and chick
... where did you find this enormous urn full of this...
were they selling them
is it a nursery would they be able to ship some?
did they sell these...
I have photographed this one in the green house of Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, where I had got Associateship. They do not sell.