Rhodiola quadrifida

Rhodiola quadrifida (Pallas) Fischer & Meyer, Enum. Pl. Nov. 1: 69 1841. (Syn: Chamaerhodiola quadrifida (Pallas) Nakai; Kirpicznikovia quadrifida (Pall.) A. & D. Löve; Rhodiola quadrifida var. major Fisch. & Mey.; Rhodiola quadrifida var. minor Fisch. & Mey.; Sedum quadrifidum Pallas);

Images by Gurcharan Singh - Id by A.H.Munshi 


Pall. ; DC. Prodr. iii. 407 ; stems 2-5 in. numerous, leaves approximate oblong subterete, cymes 5-1-flowered, flowers red often 4-merous, sepals oblong. Ledeb. Fl. Ross. ii. 177 ; H. f. & T. in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 97. S. coccineum, Royle Ill. t. 48.  
ALPINE WESTERN HIMALAYA, alt. 11,000-18,000 ft., from KUMAON to KASHMIR, frequent. SIKKIM, alt. 16,000-18,000 ft., J. D. H.—DISTRIB. Arctic Russia and Siberia.  
Stems and leaves glabrous or puberulous. Leaves 1/4 in., sometimes very acute. Petals usually twice the sepals. Hypogynous scales subquadrate (ex H. f. & T.). Follicles with short styles, recurved or sometimes erect, straight.  
(From The Flora of British India (1878) from IBIS FLORA)


Kindly help in the ID of this Rhodiola species with linear leaves and tip prolonged into a tail, and red flowers. Photographed from Tungnath alt around 3200 m in Uttarakhand.
How about Rhodiola quadrifida?
It seems to Rhodiola quadrifida