Rhodiola sinuata

Rhodiola sinuata (Royle ex Edgew.) Fu (syn: Rhodiola trifida (Wall. ex Clarke) Jacobson) as per efi thread as per Crassulaceae of India (Singh et al. 2011);

Rhodiola trifida (Hook. f. & Thomson) Jacobsen, Natl. Cact. Succ. J. 28: 6 6 1973. (Syn: Sedum trifidum Hook. f. & Thomson) as per The Plant List Ver. 1.1;

Perennial herb with ascending branches; leaves 3-6 cm long, gradually narrowed towards base, apex with usually 3-4 spreading lobes, sometimes distantly serrate; flowers greenish white, in dichasial cymes; petals ovate-oblong, 4-6 mm long;  

VOF Week: Sedum trifidum at VOF: Sedum trifidum (Family: Crassulaceae) at VOF.
Date/Time: 08-08-2012 / 03:00PM
Plant habit:
Yes ... We found this in Chakrata also

Rhodiola trifida: Rhodiola trifida
At Dwali (en-route Pindari Glacier)

My Pending Identifications: Chakrata-Rhodiola trifida:: NS MARCH 15 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4).
This epiphytic species was shot from Chakrata...
I hope this can be Rhodiola trifida.. thanks ... for id hints... 
Yes you are right ...

Rhodiola trifida -- at Rolla - GHNP - PKA62 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3). 
Seen this succulent herb in rock crevices near Rolla Camp site at GHNP at an altitude of approx. 2100m.
Bot. name: Rhodiola trifida
Family: Crassulaceae
new to me. very nice pictures

Sedum trifidum (Family:
Crassulaceae) at Valley of Flowers.
Date/Time: 08-08-2012 / 03:00PM
Plant habit: Herb
Yes ..., a typical plant.
Nice photographs

Rhodiola trifida (Hook. f. & Thomson) Jacobsen
syn: Sedum trifidum Hook.f. & Thomson
Perennial herb with ascending branches; leaves 3-6 cm long, gradually narrowed towards base, apex with usually 3-4 spreading lobes, sometimes distantly serrate; flowers greenish white, in dichasial cymes; petals ovate-oblong, 4-6 mm long;
Photographed along Chakrata Deovan road, along rock crevices and tree trunks.
I think Rhodiola trifida
Place: Shimla

Yes, excellent photograph

Crassulaceae, Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight:: Crassulaceae:: Rhodiola trifida from Chakrata- NS 18 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5).  
I could the correct id of this occasionally epiphytic (mostly lithophytic) species found in Himalayas..
Present shots were recorded from Chakrata at different occasions..
Please finalize the identification as Rhodiola trifida or suggest if otherwise...
A big yes
Thanks for sharing 
the leaves have it
What plant? ABJUL01/25 : 6 posts by 3 authors.  
I saw this clump of arrow-head leves growing as an epiphyte among ferns. Please help with the ID 
Apologies for a poor photo as the tree was across the fence and I had only my compact camera with me 
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
25 July 2015
This is most probably Rhodiola trifida ..
Yes R.trifida to me too.
Thank you ... When can we expect this to flower? Please advise.
Buds are already there, flowers will be within 2-3 weeks I hope.
Thank you ... I am looking forward to seeing the flowers soon.
Finally I found these flowering at 2940m on Kharsu oaks (Quercus semecarpifolia). Here are two images. 2 images.

Rhodiola trifida AT SEP2016/01 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Rhodiola trifida
Syn. Sedum trifidum
Common name: Trifid Sedum
Shimla (H.P.)
August 2016
Appearing after many days on efi as I was very busy with my work. I
was able to go out for a NATURE WALK only once in August 2016. And
that was fruitful excursion as it added a few more plants to my
collection. I'll try to post them one by one.
Nice one ... Here is from our last visit.
Thank you, ...  I had photographed it earlier in 2010 and also shared on efi. But photograph was not as good. Attachments (2)

From my previous post

Fwd: Rhodiola fui and Rhodiola sinuata: 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
I have just come across some images of Rhodiola sent to me by the late Krishan Lal. I do not have any current means of verifying his identifications (though I believe he had input from others) but I consider it would be useful to share them with members for reference purposes.  Krishan himself posted his thoughts but did not send these images.
We always need to remember that Rhodiola is an EXTREMELY troublesome genus identification and nomenclature-wise. The more images we have the better, along with considered suggestions as to identifications.
I do not currently have the time to take a serious look at Rhodiola in the Himalaya, so cannot comment further at this stage.
Let me begin with images Krishan considered to be Rhodiola fui and R.sinuata (see attached):
Numbers 1-3 he felt was R.fui he photographed on Chor, Sirmaur Dist., HP
Number 4 he felt was R.sinuata photographed at Haripurdar, HP
They certainly look different.
Also see:

Thanks, ... First three may be Ok, fourth looks like Rhodiola trifida to me as per images herein. Pl. correct me if I am wrong.
As I indicated in my post, I cannot vouch for/verify the idents suggested by Krishan or comment meaningfully. WHEN (IF) I get the opportunity to scrutinise Rhodiola further, then I shall share my thoughts. 
Now I have Crassulaceae of India (Singh et al. 2011). According to which Rhodiola fui Boriss. and Rhodiola sinuata (Royle ex Edgew.) Fu are two distinct and different species. Rhodiola trifida (Wall. ex Clarke) Jacobson is considered same as R. sinuata (Royle ex Edgew.) Fu, and therefore, becomes a synonym of R. sinuata (Royle ex Edgew.) Fu. Though The Plant List 2013 still mention (probably ignorant of Singh et al.2011) R. sinuata and R. trifida as two accepted names and separate species.
Further, R. fui and R. sinuata are differentiated in the keys as follows:
Leaves linear or slightly denticulate; petals broad ovate, 8-13x2-4.5mm; stamens shorter than petals; follicles 7-12 (-14) mm long .......................................................................R. fui
Leaves oblanceolate, broadly lobulate; petals narrowly triangular, 5-7 (-8)x1-2.5mm; stamens longer than petals; follicles 6-8mm long..................................R. sinuata (= R.trifida)
In present case the identity given by Late Shri Krishan Lal Ji seems correct and clearly differentiates these two species.
In eFI all the uploads compiled under R. trifida need to be moved to R. sinuata based on the reference:
Singh, N.B., Bhattacharyya, U.C. and Uniyal, B.P. 2011. Crassulaceae of India. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun. 310pp.
Uploads compiled under R. sinuata need to be re-checked and some (listed below) should be moved to R. fui (The page for this species need to be created):
Rhodiola fui Boriss. In Novit. Syst. Pl. Vasc. Acad. Sci. USSR 6: 114. 1969. Singh et al., Crassulaceae India 98. 2011. 
Thanks, ..., for this important clarification. I will do the needful within a few weeks. 
Seen this succulent herb in rock crevices near Rolla Camp site at GHNP at an altitude of approx. 2100m.
Bot. name: Rhodiola trifida
Family: Crassulaceae
Looks really different. May be some other species.
Rhodiola species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available
The plant seems to be Rhodiola rosea
It looks me Rhodiola sinuata (Royle ex Edgew.)