Rhodiola tibetica

Common name: Tibetan Rhodiola, Red Sedum

Rhodiola species from Paddar Valley J&K SRANA 07: Request for Identification
Kindly identify this Rhadiola species
Location: Paddar Valley J&K
Altitude: 4600 meters
Date: 7th August 2011
Looks like Rhodiola tibetica. Can't be sure though.
Thanks, ..., I think seems to match with images of at FOI:
I repeat my comments about how difficult Rhodiola is identification-wise and what a muddle exists.
I am still working on Rhodiolas of Ladakh and am not certain about some species.
These images from Paddar Valley do not match what I am currently thinking comes within Rhodiola tibetica.
Stewart knew this plant as Sedum tibeticum but he had no records for Kashmir but as Koelz collected what is understood to be this in Zanskar, then Paddar valley @ 4600m would be bordering Zanskar - so not a complete surprise if the species grew at the far end of the valley.
Records for R.tibetica range from 3600-5700m in Chitral, Swat, Astor, Baltistan & Ladakh incl. North of Khardung La.
I have my doubts about the images on the FOI site name as this species, just as the current image for Sedum oreades is a misidentification for what is a Rhodiola
The specimen photographed for the FOI were in Arunachal Pradesh, which is a surprising location for R.tibetica, which has not been recorded from Nepal, Sikkim or Bhutan.
SK973 11 FEB-2018 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4) Location : Way to Khardung La, India
Altitude: Around 15-16000 
Date:  24 August 2014
Habit : Wild 
Rhodiola heterodonta (Hook. fil. & Thoms.) A. Boriss.  ??
I am not sure if I had posted it earlier as I could not find in the list of posts !

This species of Rhodiola is again common in similar heights of way to Khardungla. As ... said R. heterodonta I am also sure that this should be true. The broadly lance like-triangular leaves with irregularly toothed margin is the identifying feature of the species. The botanical name heterodonta means having different kinds of teeth which is visible in this species.

Yes, this could be Rhodiola heterodonta, but I am not sure. 
Thanks, ...
Images of Rhodiola heterodonta (Hook. f. & Thomson) Boriss. look different as per images herein and as per the following:
I find these closer to images of Rhodiola tibetica (Hook. f. & Thomson) S.H. Fu  as per images herein and as per the following:
Pl. confirm.
I agree with ..., but need further confirmation!  

SK97411 FEB-2018 : 10 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Location : Way to Khardung La, India
Altitude: Around  15-16000 
Date:  24 August 2014
Habit : Wild 
Rhodiola sp.  ??  Which one ??
I am not sure if I had posted it earlier as I could not find in the list of posts !

I think you can id this now based on replies from ... in other threads. 

Please check Rhodiola tibetica  

Guessed so but need final validation !

Thanks, ..., for id.
I also think close to images at Rhodiola tibetica