Rhodiola species- Mawmrang, Mizoram

MS Oct, 2019/11 Sedum sp. for Id.
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Location : Mawmrang, Mizoram
Altitude ca 1,700 m.
Habit : Herb (terrestial or epiphytic)
Habitat : Wild
Yes, it appears to be same.
Hi, ..., Any other species occurring in your area other than Sedum griffithii ?
Only Sedum griffithii is recorded in Mizoram

As per Flora of Bhutan,
4. Plants with stout creeping or suberect rhizomes 3—30mm thick; flowering stems arising from axils of brownish scale leaves at rhizome apex ... 4. Rhodiola
+ Plants with slender rhizomes not more than 2mm thick. without scale leaves, or plants without rhizomes ..... 5. Sedum
So, it may be Rhodiola species.
Pl. check keys at Rhodiola.
Also what are the species reported from your area?
Not recorded sir