Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra

Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra (R.-Hamet) H. Ohba (syn: Rhodiola alterna S. H. Fu; Rhodiola sacra (R.-Hamet) Fu; Rhodiola sacra var. tsuiana (S. H. Fu) S. H. Fu; Rhodiola tieghemii (R.-Hamet) Fu; Rhodiola tsuiana Fu; Sedum linearifolium var. sacrum R.-Hamet; Sedum linearifolium var. tieghemii (Hamet) Hamet; Sedum sacrum (R.-Hamet) H. Ohba; Sedum tieghemii R.-Hamet);

E-Tibet, China (SE-Qinghai), Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;

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Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur 
Date: 16 September 2019
Elevation: 2518 m.
Habit : Wild
Sedum ?? Which one ?

Comparative images available at 

Obviously, I had already checked, and even FoI.
Appears to be some Rhodiola species.

I have added keys from Flora of Bhutan at Rhodiola
Pl. check with these.

Could not find match in Rhodiola !
After fumbling with keys in Flora of Bhutan as at Rhodiola initially, I finally got the id after due verification as Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra (R.-Hamet) H. Ohba as per
GBIF  High resolution specimen (of Rhodiola alterna S. H. Fu syn. of Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra (R.-Hamet) H. Ohba syn. Rhodiola sacra (R.-Hamet) Fu as given in Checklist of Nepal)

Thank you ... Perfect match.
Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra (Raym.-Hamet) H.Ohba
Syn : Rhodiola sacra (Raym.-Hamet) S.H.Fu
October ! Fruiting!
3 images- 6 to 7 mb each.

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Sir I need help with the ID of this plant.
Plant on south facing slope of Phulchowki peak at 2750m. A few clusters mixed with other grasses.
Rhodiola chrysanthemifolia subsp. sacra (Raym.-Hamet) H.Ohba