Crassula aquatica


Crassula aquatica
is a succulent plant known by the common names water pygmyweed and common pygmyweed. It is an annual plant of salt marshes, vernal pools, wetlands, and other fresh to brackish water bodies. It is at least partially aquatic, living in areas which are submersed much of the time. It also lives along muddy banks and in tidally-active areas of estuaries.
Crassula aquatica is a small plant forming thin mats or small patches on mud and sand, and growing more erect when exposed to open air for longer periods. The flesh of the plant is greenish-yellow to bright red or purplish. The tiny fleshy pointed leaves are only a few millimeters long.
A flower grows on a short stalk from the intersection of each oppositely-arranged pair of leaves. The flower is only about two millimeters long and wide. The fruit is a minute follicle containing several seeds.
This plant is widespread across North America and Eurasia.
(From Wikipedia on 2.2.15)
I am bit reluctant to call this a succulent... looks more of a hydrophyte plant, was recorded from near VOF entry from a wet place..
As this is still unidentified, please suggest if this can be included this fortnight..
The plant seems to be Crassula aquatica also with nomenclature change as Tillaea aquitica
Thanks for introducing me to another unknown. In one way the flowers seem to be sessile or almost so, indicating Tillaea schimperi, on the other hand leaf apex seem to be extended into a pale bristle, suggesting T. alata.
I do not know if T. aquatica is found in India or not.
efi page on Tillaea schimperi
Yes this is Tillaea (Crassula) aquaticait is a problem invasive species here in the UK and used to be planted as an ornamental.  It is no longer sold!
Thank you all very much for introducing me to a new genus.