Cornus macrophylla

Large Leaf Dogwood; 
Images by Ashwini Bhatia (ID by G.S.Goraya) & (mixed thread)

HP, Oct 2014 :: Requesting ID :: ARKNOV-55 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).
Requesting to please provide ID of this tree captured at Manikaran, HP in October 2014.
Cornus macrophylla Family Cornaceae

Cornus macrophylla :  .................... is a mixing up in the thread..
It is Cornus macrophylla (two images posted afterwards)

Tree for ID ABMAY01/15 : 5 posts by 4 authors. 3 images.
I have seen only one sample of this broad leaf tree near Mcleodganj. It is in flower now.
I shot it from a distance as it is on a slope inaccessible to me. Please advise.
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
18 May 2015
This should be Cornus sp. ..
i was going to say get macro.. but i read the intro again.. no please dont try
rent or borrow a looong telephoto from may be a bird photographer?
as it is  I 'm happy with id of Cornus sp, as ... said
May check for Swida (Cornus) macrophylla..
Thank you ... It does seem to be the one we have here. I will try and find a tree which is more accessible and post details.
*Cornus macrophylla ABMAY01/05 : 4 posts by 3 authors. 10 images.
Since my post in May last year, I have discovered a couple of other dogwoods in my local area. This time I kept watch and waited for them to flower. Here I am sharing some pictures. My research showed that the name Cornus is derived from Latin and means ‘horn-like’ (animal horns) referring to its hardness. The name Dogwood is a corruption of ‘dagwood' as the wood was employed to make skewers or ‘dags’. I will look out for berries and add to this post later.
Cornus macrophyllaLarge-leaf Dogwood
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
15 April and Flowers 06 May 2016. 
No words to appreciate your wonderful & detailed photography.
Another tree for ID from Nainital, Uttarakhand-GSMAY2016/10 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Kindly help with the ID of this tree photographed at Nainital, Uttarakhand on April 14, 2012.
I am not sure but seems Cornus macrophylla (Cornaceae) to me.
Thanks, ..., for Id. I also think it matches with images at Cornus macrophylla
I had also identified it as Cornus macrophylla on Indian Flora and Plant Wealth of India a few days back.
Then posted my photographs of this plant and also tagged ...
But got no response from anyone.