Cornus kousa

Sikkim, China to Temp. E. Asia (as per WCSP);
Cornus Species for ID : New Jersey : 26SEP19 : AK-10 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Since I came across … post, I thought of adding my pictures too.
I saw Cornus flowers at two different locations in New Jersey.
Both had similar flowers.
This was taken close to the Earth Centre, on 5th July, 2017.
Flowering was almost over.
Looks like Cornus kousa to me.

yes. clue is the pointed bract and the multi-fruit. reminds one of nonifruit almost. its C kousa. I wish from now on you will take habit and habitat pictures 
Thanks for validating the id.
look at the fruit picture . its a differentiating feature that C. kousa.
the C. florida fruits are different

Cornus kousa_RKC02_02042012: Cornus kousa F. Buerger ex Hance
Family: Cornaceae
Locality: Daejeon, S. Korea
Notes: Recently reported from Sikkim, India. (
Very nice...
lovely contrast of colors.
do all individual trees develop fruits in Korea..?/
I have seen some that never developed fruits even when the flowers wer very prolific

We have only two individuals in the campus. Both of them develop fruits well.

Cornus Species for ID : New Jersey : 26SEP19 : AK-11 : 11 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
This was the other Cornus Species I had seen in New Jersey on 19th June,17.
It was seen while driving on one of the lanes.
Had to click very fast as there was no way to stop on the road.  
Looks close to my earlier post of Cornus kousa.

Looks correct to me !
yes. c kousa. flowers appear after leaves come out and the bracts are pointed 
Could this be Cornus kousa var. chinensis?
I often wonder.... NO....
No because one needs better details than what is available here in these pictures
I tried enlarging to find the trichromes etc but....
read this following page in the eflora china carefully
can you "dissect" your "flowers" and get to the sizes? or the branches details and colors and hair? or do you have the nursery label that came with the plant when it was planted? if NO is the answer to any of these questions I think its better we not push the envelop.
next time remember these points and take appropriate pictures and measurements 

I just want this url in our database for for Cornus kousa … not further classified. so ...