Alangium chinense (Lour.) Harms (Images by Nidhan Singh (1,2,3- ID by J.M.Garg & Bimal Sarkar) and Karuna Kanta Das (4))

Alangium salviifolium subsp. hexapetalum (Lam.) Wangerin (Images by B C George and identified by Santhosh Kumar)

Cornus capitata Wall. (Images by Ashwini Bhatia)

Cornus macrophylla Wall. (Images by Ashwini Bhatia (ID by G.S.Goraya) & & (mixed thread))

Cornus oblonga Wall. (Images by Nidhan Singh (ID by G.S.Goraya))

Cornus officinalis Siebold & Zucc. (Korea) (Images by Ritesh Kumar Choudhary, photographed in S.Korea)

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