Operculina turpethum ?

Operculina turpethum ?; 

identification no080611sn3:  This flower has not been identified yet.is it Datura sp.? kindly identify.
looks like Operculina turpethum from Convolvulaceae family
its Operculina turpethum from Convolvulaceae,
From another thread ( https://groups.google.com/group/indiantreepix/browse_thread/thread/d1... #)
By any chance could this be a half bloomed flower of Dolichandrone falcate  or Medhshingi? The leaves look similar. "
"Can it be Rivea ornata? " May be Rivea?? "

need to id this creeper: found this climber or creeper at bhopar, on 2/11/12 was spreaded over ground parallel to railway track
Check for Operculina turpethum.
efi page on Operculina turpethum with images
It is not Operculina turpethum; operculina is a stout climber; exudes a milky juice when cut. the leaves are ovate-cordate, apex obtuse; nerve impressions clear. Capsule globose, 1-1.5 cm across, enclosed in persistent calyx. hence it is not operculina
Perhaps Merremia umbellata; not confident.
There are more chance for Ipomoea alba

No question of it being I. alba at all. 
Operculina turpethum seems more likely, taking into account winged stem and fruit. 
As for the leaves, in OT leaf morphology is very very variable, at times leaves become nearly linear. 
Winged reddish stems; and fruit agree with Operculina turpethum but without flower it is difficult for me to confirm the identity