Cuscuta species
Creeper for ID : 011011 : AK-2: Taken at Pahalgam, Kashmir on the 8th of Sept, 2011.
Tiny white flowers resembling bells, creeper was growing on another tree.
Pahalgam is at a height of 2740 metres above sea level.
Any cuscuta sp
I hope Cuscuta chinensis
Perhaps close up of flower would help further.
Is it by any chance Cuscuta epithymum
I think id of ... is Right
I think C. epithymum is a species closer to C. europaea in having flowers in globose heads and is characterised by having tetramerous flowers, whereas this one has pentamerous flowers.
in Maharashtra there is 2 species of Cuscuta i.e. C. reflexa and C. chinensis,,, photo doesnt match to any...
C reflexa and c chinensis surely not. In our area both found C reflexa natural and C chinensis only reported in NDRI campus Karnal
Cuscuta or Cassytha ? Hooghly 18-12-12 sk3:
I will be very much obliged to know how to identify a Cuscuta from a Cassytha filiformis L.
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : slim climber spreading on other plants in wasteplace
Date : 15/12/12
Place : Hooghly
This is taking over part of my plants in the balconies, pesky stuff, cant kill it.. I keep removing the threads that are strangling the leaves and when I think its all clear,, a couple of days later there are more!!!
what can one do?
VoF Week :: Cuscuta reflexa along Govind Ghat - Ghangaria trail:   Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. ... (family: Convolvulaceae)
1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat - Ghangaria trail ... about 6800 ft
Beautiful capture of Aakash bel
Flowers only should help in confirming species.
would consider it just as Cuscuta sp.
... all of the flowers were in a stage that is seen in one of the photo, at least those among the ones I could get to see on searching.
Could this be the captioned species flower
Plant Identification : please Identified Plant
Near kansudi, Gujarat
yes this is Cuscusta