Convolvulus cneorum (Cultivated- Australia/ USA)

Convolvulus cneorum L. (syn: Convolvulus argenteus Desr. (ambiguous synonym); Convolvulus argenteus Salisb. (ambiguous synonym); Sciadiara cneorum (L.) Rafin.);

Sicily as per Catalogue of Life

This ornamental with silvery attractive foliage, flowered just in time for me, to reveal what it is..
Convolvulus cneorum...the silverbush
Planted as ornamental, Kurunjang, Victoria..

nice. without the flower. ist photo would make it seem to be a succulent. that would be botanical mimicry. plants can be mysterious sometimes. did you see any fruits?
Thanks ..., no fruits were formed, this flowered just 2 days before my departure...,+22-Feb-2020+09:02:32+GMT
Convolvulus cneorum from California-GS15022020-4 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2) 
Convolvulus cneorum Linn.
Common name: Silverbush, Shrubby bindweed
Evergreen shrub, mound forming, with distinctive elliptic lanceolate silvery leaves covered with fine hairs and 2.5-4 cm across white flowers with yellow throat.
Clicked from Regan nursery, Fremont, California on April 14, 2019.