Tinantia erecta

Upright Spiderwort, Widow's tears


Herb For id from Dehradun-Mussoorie Road: This herb was shot from Dehradun-Mussoorie road in September 2010 and for me this can be any Commelinaceae member. I know and regret for bad quality pics, but still hope to find id as the flower colour looks quite unusual to me.
It was raining badly that day, I could not get any better pics of this. I hope I can get clue up to Genus level, if not species. 
... thank you for sharing such a beautiful Tricarpelema J. K. Morton and your guess is right, this is Commelinaceae member.
Exactly could not say the species, because this genus having great diversity in NE India,.
Total 8 species, only 1 species was found in Africa while remaining 8 are distributed through NE India to the Philippines and Borneo.
I am taking my words back ... and all..........
This could be Tinantia erecta . Family- Commelinaceae
This looks like Tinantia erecta, a genus new to me...thanks for your efforts..