Murdannia pauciflora

Murdannia pauciflora (G.Brückn.) G.Brückn., Nat. Pflanzenfam. ed. 2 15a: 173 1930. (Syn: Aneilema pauciflorum Wight [Illegitimate]; Dichaespermum aurantiacum Hassk. ex C.B.Clarke [Invalid]; Murdannia wightii R.S.Rao & Kammathy [Illegitimate]; Phaeneilema pauciflorum G.Brückn.);
This herb was photographed at Munnar. ... has indicated that this could be "Murdannia pauciflora".
Date: 20th Nov.
Location: Munnar

Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb

This looks like Murdannia lanuginosa.
... this particular peach coloured Murdannia always reminds me of Murdannia lanuginosa just as ... just put.
If Murdannia pauciflora too bears similar colour ..., please let us know any key difference among the two.
Murdannia lanuginosa from me too
Basic difference between these two plants are  
Murdannia lanuginosa  Typical plant of laterite soil or either found on high altitude. Root fusiform tuberous. Leaves linear to linear lanceolate with broad base, compactly arranged, margin undulate. Seeds trigonus, bi-seriate.  
Murdannia pauciflora Syn Murdannia wightii Commonly found undergrowth of forest and along the road sides in Ghats (towards south). Root fibrous, Leaves ovate, margin entire. Seeds uniseriate and squarish to rectangular in Shape.
Seed differences and habit are attached separably.............
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ID: Prejith006. Unidentified plant from Western Ghats: This is a plant found growing on the roadsides in South Wynad at about 700 to 800 msl. Is it a Commelina sp. ?
This is Murdannia lanuginosa.
Please also check with Murdannia pauciflora. I feel the picture is more closer to M. pauciflora.
 I'm no expert in Botany so I'll leave it to you to decide but based on pictures from the net it looks like what ... says it is.
I too think that this is Murdannia lanuginosa of Commelinaceae family. In
Murdannia pauciflora the flowers are blue/ violet in color and leaves are narrow-linear.
Murdannia lanuginosa
A common plant at Kaas in Sep.
... is may be right and again I am writing here flowers in Murdannia pauciflora are orange to brick red in colour.
In Murdannia lanuginosa leaves are linear to linear lanceolate with a broad base, finely acuminate apex, conspicuously striate and with acuminate margin. Grow always erect.
Above posted plant is may be M. pauciflora coz of its prostrate habit (apparently look likes), leaves ovate, apex acute, and margins aren't that much of undulate.
To compare herewith I am attaching image of M. lanuginosa
I am very sorry for a mistake from my side as I have taken notes wrongly on to my notebook and my identification of plant in this thread went wrong. I do not know how it had happened.
Thank you ... for pointing out that and made me to recheck the same.
Yes this is M. pauciflora only.
I further agree with ... explanation on M. languinosa.
Murdania pauciflora
....stem creeping rooting at nodes, villous on one side. Leaves up to 5X 1.6cm sessile base usually cordate; more or less hairy, sheaths with ciliate margins
Flowers in 1-5 flowered, axillary cymes. Sepals narrowely oblong petals brownish yellow
Stamens and staminodes 3 each..... (Flora of Udupi, G K Bhat)
Thanks to everybody for the identification. A lot of pictures of Murdannia pauciflora on the internet are misleading.
Yes ... I am one of the contributors in misleading !!
Some of pictures in my photostream need to be rectified. Will revisit them shortly.
... was kind enough to at least two instances.
I have written to few people whose id is misleading referring this thread and few other relevant online references.
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Murdannia pauciflora,
Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad, near Kothamangalam. First week of October 2018

Beautiful pictures, yes it is M. pauciflora