Murdannia divergens

Nepal to S. China as per WCSP;
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Enclosing some pictures for  identification. Attachments (5)
I guess it is Callisia graminea but it is not found in Asia, is it ?
Location : Sundarijal Nepal
Altitude: 6000 ft.
Date:  24 July, 2016
Murdannia dimorpha (Dalzell) G.Bruckn.  ??
Thanks, ..., for the Id. It seems to match with images at Murdannia dimorpha

Or could it be M. divergens ??

Yes I believe it is M. divergens.

Apparently Murdannia divergens. ..., is it possible to find out roots, seed number per locule? 

It is far  but if I happen to go there again I shall collect it.
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Murdannia divergens
Syn.: Aneilema divergens, Phaeneilema divergens
Chail Near Shimla
Amongst log grasses



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