Dichorisandra penduliflora

Dichorisandra penduliflora Kunth, Enum. Pl. 4: 114 1843. (syn: Stickmannia penduliflora (Kunth) Kuntze);

Native to NE. Brazil as per WCSP;

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Saw this ornamental in a nursery in Karjat in Dec 2014. The pics are not very clear. However, is it possible to give some indication to the genus?

Not very sure but it is a member of Commelinaceae and most probably Dichorisandra penduliflora Kunth.
Yes for me too is Dichorsandra, but better image with the stamens required to ID the species. 
Surprised to see the Dichorisandra in the nursery, I have not seen before.  
Thanks, ..., for the Id.
To me also it appears close to Dichorisandra penduliflora as per images at