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here is a set of photos of another wildflower - this one is very tiny - for which I would appreciate ID
these flowers are of Cyanotis family. Someone from that part of country, can throw more light on the species.
Thanks a lot, ... I searched the net and indeed one of the two varieties found matches my flower - Cyanotis somaliensis.
Link for Cyanotis somaliensis: ( I feel desc. doesn't matches with the posted pix).
Concise Flowers of Himalayas by Polunin & Stainton, only mentions one species i.e. Cyanotis vaga.
Links for it: (desc. from FOC with syn. Tradescantia vaga, Cyanotis barbata, C. bulbosa, C. nobilis ) whose desc. seems to match.
This is a species of Cyanotis (Commelinaceae)
Need some pictures, showing the habit, to confirm the identity. 
Thank you very much ... O, it was four years ago, I have to find that folder to look through and find any habitat pictures I may have taken.