Commelina paludosa ?

Commelina paludosa ?;
Flora picture of the Year 2010 commelina from UK VOF: this photo of mine a flora picture of  the year2010 has nothing to do with photography of flower  but it is more related to the sigihting of commelina in Uttarakhand.        When I began my nature trails with BNHS, this was the first flower which made me very curious  because of its beauty and excelleent photgraphy being tiny; there was an insertion in one of the calendar of BNHS, I don't
remember the year, this is only for your information please. 
    then after Many a time I saw this flower  but was most delighted when I saw it at Uttarankhand In August, 2010 during trek to Valley of Flowers with my trekmates; 
    This one is taken during my return journey from Ghangaria to Govindghat on 24th August, 2010.
    Would appreciate the ID, 
This could be Commelina paludosa Blume
.., Please validate
May be you are right ... This is very near to Commelina paludosa but
I don't why it look likes Commelina kurzii for me. Only capsule and seed morphology can provide us proper identity of this species.
Thanks for this feed back, I found these two pdf files, but unable to compare, sharing for your ready ref. at your own discretion please, Courtsey: google search engine:  - china - nepal, apdf
file page
33-34 with habit sketch