Terminalia species- Ludhiana


Tree for I'd. Ludhiana 8/16_1 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Please help me identify this tree.
Thanks, ... Can you post the habit picture.
Some Combretaceae member ?
The inflorescence reminds me of the Terminalia family. I am not sure of the species but please explore Terminalia genus.
habit of the tree. sir, please find attached photo of the same tree. Attachments (1)
This is Terminalia, possibly sect. Pentaptera - which is represented in India  by two species (as per my opinion) viz. T. arjuna and another species called variously in Indian floras as T. elliptica, T. alata, T. crenulata, T. coriacea and T. tomentosa.  It will be easy to identify the species after about one month when the fruits will appear.