Cleome species- Srinagar, Kashmir

 Image by Aarti S. Khale,Srinagar-DSCN2189.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFaD_qwWAAnqdi_Lzqn6gWtcaEKaDvqaIfSxxrv8U24YWgZEI0LTGZyHm81ZhnpT9Sg5PAwv6uQhkjVLg7RQpGRVLg_duHU4KZxnH9qhufLAMvFMhY
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Cleome seen in one of the plant nursery in Srinagar on 10/9/2011.
Cleome speciosa?
Kindly confirm id.
Cleome speciosa
Thanks for confirming the id.
Also looks like C.haasleriana. How does one differentiate Cleome viscosa from C. hassleriana.
Same question I have... how to differentiate between the two?