Salacia fruticosa

Salacia fruticosa Wall., Numer. List 4223 1831. ;
Malayalam Ponkarandi, Eakanayakam
Others Korandi

Woody climbing shrubs; branchlets looped; young shoots puberulous. Leaves 3.8 - 7 x 2-4 cm, elliptic-ovate or elliptic-oblong, base rounded or cuneate, apex obtusely acuminate, coriaceous; petiole c. 5 mm long. Cymes axillary; pedicels 3-5 mm long. Calyx 5-lobed, minute; lobes minutely ciliate on margins. Petals 5, brownish-yellow, c. 2 mm across, orbicular. Disc fleshy. Stamens 3, inserted on the inner margin of the disc; filaments broad, curved. Ovary globose, minute, partially sunk in the disc, 3-celled; ovules 2-8 in each cell; style very short; stigma capitate, obscurely 3-lobed. Berry 2-2.5 cm across, globose, red. Seeds 1-3.
Flowering and fruiting: February-May
Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, also in the sacred groves and plains
Western Ghats (Endemic)
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Location: Kannur, Kerala
Salacia sp
Salacia species so far in efi
I think this may be the fruit of Salacia fruticosa Heyne ex Lawson. If a single flower of this plant is there, the identification is quite easy.
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