Parnassia species- Nilgiris, TN
Nilgiris: small herb for identification 191112MK03: Please help me in identifying the small herb. Commonly seen in wet places. the plant height is not more than 10 cm.
Leaf: 2.5 cm across
Date: 24 Oct 2012
Place: Western Catchment, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2300 m asl
Seems to be Parnassia sp.
Most probably Parnassia wightiana Wight & Arn.
There are 2 species of Parnassia in Nilgiri hills. The petals are clear in the photographs and the height of scape is not measurable. Hence I cannot be definite of which species this plant. They are differentiated by Gamble in Flora of Presidency of Madras as follows:
1a.  Scapes 6 - 12 in. high; leaves broadly ovate, cordate, 1 - 1.5 in. long; petals obovate, conspicuously fimbriate on the margins; staminodes 3 - 5-lobed, the lobes cylindric-clavate- P. wightiana
1b.  Scapes 3 - 6 in. high; leaves orbicular, cordate, .5 - .75 in. long; petals obovate. not or slightly fimbriate on the margins; staminodes clavate, entire or more or less 3- or even 5-lobed- P. mysorensis
You may check your live plants with these distinctions and come to a conclusion.
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