Gymnosporia rufa ?
MS May, 2018/18 Tree for ID
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Location : Durtlang, Mizoram
Date : 31-05-2018
Habit : Tree
Habitat : Wild
Note : Flowers very small

Any further close up? Leaves 3-nerved at base?
Please send high resolution image. Was it a small tree?

This is clearly Celastraceae. I will check and inform.

I think ... is right. 
I erred due to superficial observations.

Could not find a match with any species at Ehretia
I think ... was right.
Closest I can go is Gymnosporia rufa (Wall. ex Roxb.) M.A.Lawson as per comparative images at Gymnosporia, but image is totally insufficient for id.
Another option is Gymnosporia senegalensis (Lam.) Loes., but I do not think it has distribution in Mizoram/ North East India.
Another same tree

Why did not you post such images earlier as it wastes lot of every body's time in trying to get the id from unclear single photo?