Elaeodendron paniculatum

Elaeodendron paniculatum Wight & Arn., Prodr. Fl. Ind. Orient. 157 1834. (Synonym : Cassine paniculata (Wight & Arn.) Lobr.-Callen) As per efi thread;
Common name: Panicled Cassine • Malayalam: തന്നീമരമ് Thannimaram • Marathi: मोठा भुत्‍या Motha Bhutya • Tamil: தந்நீரமரம் Tanneermaram
Identification of the species is doubtful.
I too support ...
The flower looks like a Celastraceae species.
Please check species of Cassine
When I google for the images, it does look similar to it.
But the leaves in Ilex are alternate not opposite as seen in your pictures.
kindly refer the link

I think ... is right. This looks like Cassine paniculata.
Yes Cassine paniculata appears to be the correct choice.
Flowers are of typical Celastraceae.
Thanks all of you,
I was asking about another one whether its cassine paniculata.
I will rename it.
Would you please provide the link for that post?

This is the thread
Tree For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 301213 : AK-38 : Attachments (2). 4 posts by 2 authors.
Tree seen in Lalbagh on 24/11/13.
No flowers or fruits.
Shape of leaves suggest Atalantia?
Cassine glauca (Rottb.) O. Ktze - Celastraceae
(=Elaeodendron glaucum (Rottb.) Pers.)
Picture taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore on 24/11/13.
Posted on our group earlier.
Identified by ... as Cassine glauca, Elaeodendron glaucum.
After I gave the location of the tree, identified by ... as Cassine paniculata.
For validation please

ANNOV50 Please identify this tree : 12 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (4)
Charmady Ghat, Chikamagalur, Karnataka
September 2014
Spondias pinnata most likely. what is the black long object in the second picture top left side, it appears several times?
Yes it is

This is puzzling to me. Fruits resemble Spondias sp. but leaves in the pics do not look like compound imparipinnate. How about Elaeocarpus variabilis?
pic 401 seems have MAY BE back side of hidden flowers
do you by any chance have flower pictures  in any of your other pictures
secondly any clear picture to show the leaves like ... suggests..
these two features will help 
Sadly, a macro lens does not help at all with flowers and fruits of tall trees such as this one. The images I have uploaded are the only ones that were clicked.
In case species identity is not possible, I will be okay with leaving it at Spondias sp.
Would you consider Cassine paniculata?
I don't feel confident with this being any Spondias sp.
I completely agree with ... it is Cassine paniculata
Agree with .... Cassine paniculata (Wight & Arn.) Lobr.-Callen. Leaves are simple opposite, serrate and the fruit size does match with it.

Picture taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore on 24/11/13.
Posted on our group earlier.
Identified by ... as Cassine glauca, Elaeodendron glaucum.
After I gave the location of the tree, identified by ... as Cassine paniculata.
For validation please.