Silene coronaria (Cultivated)

Dusty-miller, Mullein-pink, Rose campion; 

Mohra near Uri on June 24, 2010; Silene coronaria from Kashmir - efloraofindia | Google Groups
Caryophyllaceae Week: Silene coronaria from Kashmir: Silene coronaria (L.) Clairv.
syn: Lychnis coronaria (L.) Desr.
Common names: Dusty-miller, Mullein-pink, Rose campion
A distinctive species locally common on open slopes in Kashmir, Perennial herb up to 60 cm tall with densely white-hairy stems and leaves; lower nd upper leaves similar, lanceolate, oblong or oblanceolate, 3-10 cm long; flowers crimson, 25-30 mm across on long peduncles; calyx 15-20 mm long, campanulate, white hairy, narrowed towards tip; petals emarginate, with scales at the base of limb; styles 5; capsule included.
Photographed from Mohra near Uri on June 24, 2010.