Sagina saginoides ?

Sagina saginoides ?;
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Plants pic was taken in the month of June 2014 from Ghangariya, district Chamoli, Uttarakhand
Beautiful picture.
To me it is a species of Sagina. May be S.saginoides (Caryophyllaceae). However, plant seems quite robust causing doubt.
Flowers are in stage of seed dispersal, opening by 5 valves which are clearly visible to me.
Thanks for sharing this species which is not in eFI (if it proves as S.saginoides or any other species).
I don't think it as Sagina, corolla seems gamopetalous. ..., please upload a cropped close up of flower from original message.
The floral part appearing as corolla is mature fruit opened at top by five valves, still united in lower part (thus loking as corolla tube) to me. The brownish structure visible in the centre are seeds. Off cource the pictures are not very clear.
In Sagina petals are either absent or deciduous not lasting upto fruiting.
Hats off to you ... for interpretation, and for ... for great macro.
Illustration from FOC
Images can be seen at FOC
Thanks to all the experts for critical examination and helping me in identification of the plant