Polycarpaea spicata

Polycarpaea spicata Wight & Arn., Ann. Nat. Hist. 3: 91 91 1831. (syn: Polycarpaea staticiformis Hochst. & Steud.); 

Wild Plant for ID : Oman : 301212 : AK-2: A small wild plant seen growing on rocks in Muscat, Oman on 12/3/2-10.
Saw lots of buds, but no open flowers.
Any clue to its id?
Polycarpea sp.???????????????
Thanks for a possible id.
On searching, the closest I could come to was Polycarpaea robbairea.
I could find one more picture with a few open flowers.
Hope this picture helps.
This has been identified by ... as Polycarpaea spicata.
..., your guess of Polycarpaea was correct.
Probably desert flora in India should be similar.