Arenaria bryophylla

Common name: Flycatcher Sandwort

W. Tibet, Karakorums, Ladak, Sikkim (as per Flora of Pakistan)

Arenaria bryophylla at Ladakh - July- PKA-03 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7)
Arenaria bryophylla (Family: Caryophyllaceae) en-route Changla Pass at Altitude of Approx 16500 ft).
Again a new one. Thanks for the bounty.

Arenaria bryophylla (Caryophyllaceae) for validation. Photo take on Aug 24,2016 on the Kailsah parikrama (Tibet) route. Altitude 15500 feet.
I think this must surely be A.bryophylla - though had wondered when first viewing these images. Stony slopes, rocks in Tibetan borderlands to 6180m; Woolaston, recorded this as the highest known species on Everest but there are other claims to 'highest' recorded flowering plant.
Thank you ... I could identify this from the links you have provided in your earlier mails.

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Here with an image taken, as a slide for me in Nimaling Valley, Ladakh @ some 4800-5100m, I think.
This appears to be Arenaria bryophylla - forming a mound/cushion.
Stewart recorded it, usually @ 4700-5500m in Ladakh, especially on high passes He stated that it is the highest plant found on Mt. Everest @ 6180m (Woolaston during an Everest Reconnaisance in the 1920s) but 'The Guiness Book of Records' claims the highest is Stellaria decumbens @ 6135m.
Flowers of the Himalaya says this is found amongst rocks & on stony slopes @ 4300-6180m in the Tibetan borderlands from Kashmir to Sikkim and Tibet.