Morina polyphylla ?

Morina polyphylla Wallich ex Candolle, Prodr. 4: 644. 1830. ?;
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This herb was found on the way to Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. Altitude could be anything between 3500-4500 m.
Sorry for the poor quality of the pics - this is the best we could manage in the situation.
Is this Morina polyphylla ?
The description in Flora of China says, "
Inflorescence 8-10 cm, compact, of many whorls; involucral bracts (3 or)4-6 per whorl, connate basally, forming a cup-shaped structure..."
I am not able to make out if these white things that we see in the pics, are the bracts that are mentioned in the description.
Please help
Often I wish I knew plants sooo much that I could help in most unknowns, but...
Could the white stuff be snow, lingering , hence mis-shapen?
when I enlarged the thumbnails,
the surrounding "soil" is not soil but something that look pebbly shaped but glistening, white in the left side (more light falling there) and pinkish/ brownish on the right side of the picture ( in the shades) to me it means water froze on pebbles... ie ice formed. sorry but I cant help with the plant ID...
but I think its snow and ice... for the mystery globs and mystery soil....