Lonicera species- Khillanmarg, Kashmir


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Plz validate the ID of prostrate shrub as Cotoneaster microphyllus
Khillan marg, Gulmarg (Kashmir).

Yes dear ... I had photographed it in flower.
I am beginning a check on Cotoneasters posted on this site.  Unfortunately, I suspect a majority are misidentified. In this case, it is not a Cotoneaster but a Lonicera which I will endeavour to name at some point. 
Will be sending available images of true Cotoneasters to Jeanette Fryer (on a CD she does not use e-mail).  She was co-author with the late Bertil Hylmo of 'Cotoneasters' (2009) - the most knowledgeable person on the genus.  She is always busy with other identification tasks so will certainly take weeks perhaps months before we hear but worth the wait. 
Please note her comments: "Klotz included within C.microphyllus a number of taxa from a wide area ranging from W.Himalaya, Kumaon, through to eastern Tibet and the provinces of Yunnan & Sichuan but in its strictest sense C.microphyllus has only been recorded from Nepal.  More research is desperately needed." 
I hope her determinations (accurate identifications) will encourage members to take a greater interest in this neglected genus, photographing more species.   There is every possibility of locating species new to science within this genus. 
It makes sense, when those with specialist knowledge are available to name material to take full advantage.  The present situation with the naming of Cotoneaters in Indian herbaria is in need of improvement.  Many specimens are very old and/or in poor condition, of a scrappy nature in the first place. "
Seems closer to Lonicera sp. (Caprifoliaceae).