Lonicera japonica var. chinensis ?

Lonicera japonica var. chinensis (P. Watson) Baker, Refug. Bot. 4: pl. 224 pl. 224 1871. (Syn: Lonicera chinensis P. Watson; Lonicera japonica f. chinensis (P. Watson) H. Hara) ?; 


Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina': Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina'
At Bageshwar,Uttarakhand
Pl. check more photographs. This species has flowers 6 per whorl and infl forms terminal head. I find two-flowered clusters here.
I would suggest L. japonica var. chinensis
is there a your kind a key for lonicera, ...?
No one can make keys simpler than Bailey, Manual of cultivated plants. I also have Rehder, Manual of cultivated trees and shrubs, both bought here. Bailey is so good even for simple identification of families. It used to cost just Rs. 50/- in our student days, but we managed with library copy. Now out of print but I bought an old copy here for about Rs. 800/- now. It is a real assett to possess for garden lover (although it does not contain all the species; Hortus Third has most, but without keys; I left my copy in India, baggage weight limit problems).
I am sending the photocopy of the key. Hope it helps.