Capparis species- Kenya,Tsavo-P1060555.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFLrTOEd01gwC-x9PO0783DpRHPrRWvY8Bkw2jzqbD2s9IMnxzVn9Jya1qYYgXsd9IG1JhjILpaTLNSO-J3Y9jSWvIPMv24-ZHe8mtuAUaIKk2bpec,Kenya-P1060556.JPG?part=0.2&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFNx5mVA2j43NtTqncvqMqWv6Do8VguS43apAW8szOCk_O4jQ91_qUzE8aPh4XlhdkH6diHOnb2HQ068Se1W-xpFPhv1cBb6MLzkT0RaYDFUTFTG78

Caper for ID : 160111 : AK-3: These pictures are taken at Mzima springs, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya in January, 2009. These were like bushes. 
Capparis spinosa, highly variable plant?
Capparis spinosa indeed as said by ...
Not Capparis spinosa

Pictures of Capparis spinosa from Mzima Springs, Tsavo West, Kenya taken in Jan, 2009.
Had posted on our group earlier and identified.

Nice clics ... Your plant looks somewhat different from our plant

It does look different. These were bushes.
Had posted on our group earlier. Experts kindly confirm id.
efi page on Capparis spinosa.
earlier efi thread by ... Caper for ID : 160111 : AK-3 

Not Capparis spinosa

Thanks ... Will try searching further.