Canna species/ hybrids

Commelinales & Zingiberales from Delhi: Cannaceae, Canna-a for ID from Delhi: Commelinales & Zingiberales from Delhi: Cannaceae, Canna-a, looking like C. indica but with mottled perianth for ID from Delhi 
This Var. of Canna blooms in my house also.
... guessing it to be a garden cultivar of Canna indica

Recently the Kol Bot Garden had planted several cultivars... we visited... not photographed since Canna is so common in West Bengal...  a few flowerheads were similar to what you just showed... Top tropicals site shows something close to your picture ... and named it Canna X generalis Fire Red, it at URL:
Canna indica images from coimbatore:
Sharing the images of Canna from Anaikatti, Coimbatore. Hope this could be Canna indica?

Seeds for ID 200812 NB2: in my last trip to india dec.11-jan.12 i collected some seeds in capsules.
I can't remember now, how the tree lookd like. Perhaps someone can
identify them.
This could be of Canna indica.
THanks ... again for your quick and correct reply.
I think it is called कर्दल in Marathi? I must have collected it at my sisters place. This one I certainly can sow here. These plants we can buy here.
efloraofindia:''For Id 01032013MR1’’ which Canna species is this at Pune: Sep 2012
Requesting identification of this Canna spp at a private society garden at Pune