Canna × generalis

Commelinales & Zingiberales Week: Cannaceae, Canna x generalis from Delhi: Commelinales & Zingiberales Week: Cannaceae, Canna x generalis L.H. Bailey & E.Z. Bailey, : Hortus 118 118 1930.
The common garden Canna with a variety of coloursfrom Delhi
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Without flower I could have taken it as an ornamental aroid.
I also want it to be identified. I have this var. of canna flourishing in my miniature garden.
perhaps it is calles 'Pretoria' (not Prectoria) Canna -
Pretoria may be a colloquial name
at various botanical gardens in the west I have seen this labelled as :
Its called Canna 'striata
MOBot shows reddish flowers but I have also seen and photographed yellow flowers at NYB

This page shows yellow flowers halfway down the page.

i did some search. everybody has a cultivar and a name!!! phew. daves garden even lists it as Canna americanallis var. variegata 'Pretoria'. when did it acquire a name americanallisis?

Yes ..., the first link you have provided says it is synonymous with 'pretoria', 'Bengal tiger'... But, why Dave's Garden says americanallis? A cultivar epithet - Canna site - doesn't have this name.
Yes Didi, I have read that. But couldn't find citation of 'striata' also. I was thinking if it is a hybrid then why not Canna x abc like other hybrids!
botanical naming is a mystery to me when it comes to commercial interests and cut-throat pricing wars based on the name of a cultivar or a hybrid... esp tea roses , its more than cut-throat.. and its shameless esp when the parents (sometimes both ) may have been "stolen" from the country of origin...  It not only happened as a matter of their rights during colonial era, it goes on today ... cite basmati, turmeric, neem, many many varieties of Hoya, and orchids in particular... I gave up guessing a long time ago
for the first time I come across the term 'tea-roses', found info in wiki. Thank you very much for this short yet wonderful write up. This is where I missed you very badly for the past one year.
Wiki says it originated in AHSI. Kolkata, later transported to Africa and US. Wiki also has info on naming convention of cultivated species. One 'edu' site informs, "Canna indica was hybridized and backcrossed with other Canna species, including the North American native, C. flaccida (golden canna)". According to this site these hybrids seem to be known as Canna x generalis which is again supported by other sites like - 
Maybe certain countries have a tendency to own it all, or maybe a particular cultivar with slightly altered characters! That may explain americanallis or 'pretoria' (after it was transported to SA)!
Thank you very much for motivating to dig a bit more.
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Isn't it from Zingiberaceae ?? 
I can suggest this from whatever I have learnt this fortnight..
Thank you Sir. I do not know, thinking what the tip might be. Please share...... is it distichous leaves?
canna striata
I have written to you in another thread

i did some search
everybody has a cultivar and a name!!!
daves garden even lists it as Canna americanallis var. variegata 'Pretoria'
when did it acquire a name americanallisis?
I think this is Canna 'Bengal Tiger'
Thank you ..., didn't notice you have already identified it much earlier!
I think it should be Canna × generalis L.H. Bailey & E.Z. Bailey as per images herein.
Ornamental for id - 271012 ANB-0015 - Mumbai:   I'd love to know the name of this potted ornamental with attractive leaves that are around 12 inches long and 6-7 inches wide. The leaves have a beautiful red margin / border.
Variegated canna 
Yes, a canna, ... is correct
actually called
may get smallish yellow flower
may be not.. very finicky it was when I had some
I think it should be Canna × generalis L.H. Bailey & E.Z. Bailey as per images herein.'Bengla%20Tiger'%2002.JPG?part=0.2&view=1&vt=ANaJVrH3LGZwFYOmz5vHfuPk4jzc4lsT9v0AJ7iOepdICH17dsC9yW7BAraIKDilphCfDZ1wojfJ1PiGQDpQh_AP_zCj2R-gLZtgkmpaXHKZkhknqcshQQU'Bengal%20Tiger'%2001.JPG?part=0.3&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFmwPzgZtDSYaDHVrq6Ie8QdnIkv_-TIaHb772ZEExZivp8LgxWDcSM16iQZnvVI-3z-sSR7WRj378W8OSQhJy6ifl5dwEv5PbD1Jb886ioqWnv_-I'Bengal%20Tiger'.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrGvnvNOkN_agwRvdfxh0IE60A-JNuxF1vbKZiXX7thGUiYM0H3P1Kk8NA-U29A5OEbc6X_qEj4tCDME73OKzqNj30Hn1DAz5f4qujjD00MPzBWXDQo
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Please identify this Canna var. I wrote the name after reading ... mail and reading ... response.
yes, ... seems to be the same sort of cultivar of Canna
also I am jealous, wonderful growth of others stuff too...
you have champa, canna and others  growing tall in a Balcony?
is the balcony facing north or east ?
what al do you grow, any food stuff, green leaves for salad? 
Thanks, I am on ground floor, totally north facing and having an extremely small place to grow plants. Somehow manage to grow few plants.
I think it should be Canna × generalis L.H. Bailey & E.Z. Bailey as per images herein.