Lobelia montana

Image by Animish Mandrekar (ID by M.K.Pathak)


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I shot this fruiting plant in Eaglenest WLS Arunachal Pradesh in Nov 2008,
Could please id this plant for me?

Pratia montana
Yes, Pratia montana from me too.

Beautiful and really unusual looking fruit with such a lovely colour.
As said above its a Pratia montana
Family: Campanulaceae
Some more details as per the Materials for the flora of Arunachal Pradesh
Herb, up to 30 cm tall; stem erect, glabrous, reddish, rooting at base. Leaves elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, serrulate or denticulate. Flower solitort, white, greenish blue or violet with two purple gibbosites inside.
Berries globose, yellow to purple or red.
Fl. & Fr: Throughout the year
Elevation: 300 - 3000 m
Habitat: In Moist shady forest or along roadside.